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CO2 Emissions 25% Rise Within Two Decades - February 26, 2015

Policy makers are facing the challenges of which climate policies are sustainable.

Northern China’s Once Been Lakes, Now Dunes, Depression - February 26, 2015

A sudden and catastrophic climate shift has happened in China’s Inner Mongolia region that forced people to mass migrate and look for greener pastures.

Forest Tree Seeds Stored, Conserved in a Vault - February 26, 2015

Forest tree seeds are kept in a vault protected by permafrost to protect the genetic variation of forest trees which are influenced by climate change and other factors.

Increased Warming Affects Autumn Leaves, Food Web - February 26, 2015

Changes in soil temperature have suprising effect on lake ecology which requires in-depth research about the consequences of climate change in ecosystem.

Satellite Link Shows New Perspective on Increase Ocean Acidity - February 25, 2015

Fisheries would be affected short-term by ocean acidic rise but possibly alter the exchanges between atmosphere and ocean that controls the climates of continents.

Landsat Images Shows Dramatic Increase of Deforestation - February 25, 2015

The new, satellite-based study gives an important and additional contribution to U.N. agency’s report and provides new data not provided by other means.

Insecticide Application Increases Due to Climate Change - February 25, 2015

Biodiversity in water bodies are at risk due to higher insecticide application as a result of higher average temperatures.

Himalayas’ Ice Core Reveals Agreements of Chemicals Ban Working - February 25, 2015

The study provides an evidence that international agreements can help change things.

Using Laser to Reconstruct Past pH Values of Northern Pacific - February 25, 2015

The analyzed data will help to evaluate the potential impacts of ocean acidification and create new possibilities to reconstruct the new environment.

Climate Intervention Webinar - February 25, 2015

Coral Reef Growth Stopped for 2,500 Years due to La Niña-like Conditions - February 25, 2015

The shutdown of coral that happened thousand years ago broadens view of reef development and creates better prediction which reefs are most vulnerable to climate change.

History of the Climate Change in Western U.S. Helps Future Climate Prediction - February 25, 2015

The ancient weather patterns will not happen in the future but a same pattern will emerge again periodically bringing drier winters in the Northwest and wetter winters in the Southwest.

Californians Experiencing Warmest Winter - February 25, 2015

The weather-controlling polar jet stream does the extreme pattern for two years going to the upper Midwest and East Coast dropping temperatures that created severe snowstorms.

Scientists Pumps Oxygen to Revive Dead Fjord - February 24, 2015

Months of pumping brought back life to an oxygen deficit fjord and invited oxygen-loving organisms back to the waters which would overall help in the global carbon cycle.

Tropical Turtle Fossils Provides Future Climate Change Clues - February 24, 2015

The modern turtles would follow their ancestors in migration but may face roadblocks along the way due to habitat loss leading to extinction.

Ocean Warming Links to Decline of Corals - February 24, 2015

The rising of temperatures helps spread of the white-ban disease and dwindling of elkhorn and staghorn corals.

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