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9 Results for May 2014

Cutting Power Plant Carbon Reduces Other Toxins Also - May 28, 2014

Power plants emit more than just CO2 and making power plants more efficient will also reduce vast amounts of toxins from entering the atmosphere.

West Antarctic Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable - May 14, 2014

Ice sheets in West Antarctica are experiencing runaway melting and will certainly raise oceans levels by a significant degree.

Earth’s Mantle Responds to Antarctic Ice Loss - May 12, 2014

Could the melting of ice on Antarctica unleash the Earth's mantle and contribute to even greater climate change?

Washington State Announces Climate Action Plan - May 5, 2014

While it is probably too little too late, Washington State's Governor is to be applauded for taking some action on carbon emissions.

East Antarctica May Produce Unstoppable Sea-Level Rise - May 5, 2014

The melting of a rather small ice volume on East Antarctica’s shore could trigger a persistent ice discharge into the ocean, resulting in unstoppable sea-level rise.

Don’t Wait For Policy-Makers to Wake Up - May 3, 2014

Waiting for climate change to convince polcy-makers to do something is suicidal. The time to act is now.

New Study Reveals Negative Impacts on Biodiversity - May 3, 2014

Negative impacts on biodiversity will encompass the whole planet as climate continues to change rapidly.

Increased Drought = Lower Future Midwest Crop Yields - May 3, 2014

The expected future droughts in the American Midwest will result in substantially lower crop yields.

Is the IPCC Government Approval Process Broken? - May 3, 2014

A letter from Harvard climate scientist Robert Stavins on how scientists were forced to remove key parts of the latest IPCC report.

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