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Memo to President Cites New Evidence Against Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline - December 29, 2014

The new data about the proposed pipeline shows how it worsens global warming which proves that it should not be approved

Waste of Microbes: Reveals Earth’s Evolution - December 29, 2014

The waste of the microbes carries information about how life evolved during the time when changes happened which can be applied to how microbes function today.

Fishing and Climate Affect Distribution of Fish - December 29, 2014

The increase of the temperature and fishing affect the distribution of fish and factors need to be considered in developing marine management regulations.

Species Alter its Appearances to Cope with Climate Change - December 28, 2014

Some species change their appearances to cope with the changing conditions and phenotypic plasticity helps them to stay in their habitat, have more time to evolve and migrate.

‘July Effect’ Has No Connection with Stroke Patients Outcome - December 25, 2014

There is no effect with regards of the starting of medical residents every July in teaching hospitals and how stroke patients receive their treatment from the less-experienced trainees due to composition of stroke teams who will administer them.

Trade Winds Ventilate the Tropical Oceans - December 25, 2014

The natural fluctuation of trade winds is the cause of the widening of the oxygen minimum zones and global warming likely affects its wind system.

‘Tipping Points’ for Sea Level Rise-Related Flooding Determined - December 23, 2014

Floods will cross a tipping point in which flooding will occur frequently due to sea level rise and which cause serious damage especially in the coastal areas.

Ancient Volcanism Aligned with Dinosaurs’ Extinction - December 23, 2014

The volcanic explosions that happened million years ago cause the mass extinction, ocean acidification as well as climate change.

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture - December 23, 2014

Climate change requires adaptation from agriculture systems especially with limited water resources which could be used as basis in the climate management in other countries.

U.S. Providing Climate Change Adaptation Grants - December 21, 2014

50 tiny grants are being given in the U.S. to help study how to adapt to climate change.

Global CO2 Emissions Increase But Growth is Slowing Down - December 18, 2014

CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production are still increasing but in a slower than the average starting with China whose emissions are declining.

Sun’s Energy Absorbed in the Arctic Increasing - December 18, 2014

As the Arctic sea ice began shrinking, the ocean increasingly absorbed sun’s radiation and intensifies the warming and researchers need long time series to detect climate change signals over the internal variability.

Ancient Coral Fossils Reveal the Last Ice Age - December 18, 2014

The analysis of 24 ancient coral fossils from North Atlantic reveals it might have given an early warning signal that Ice Age was about to end.

Glacier Beds can Get Slipperier at Higher Sliding Speeds - December 18, 2014

Combining the data of increase in glacier speeds and glacier sliding can improve predictions of ice volume lost to the oceans and the rate of sea-level rise.

NASA Data Updates Severity of California Drought - December 17, 2014

The recent storms can help in replenishing the water resources but it will still take time for California to recover from the continuing drought.

New Carbon-trapping ‘Sponges’ can Cut Greenhouse Gases - December 17, 2014

A better, safer carbon-capture method of carbon-trapping “sponges” has been invented and performs well or even better in capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide.

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