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Boring through Ice Sheets Reveals Past Atmosphere - October 31, 2014

The drilling program provides a correct data of greenhouse gases that were emitted over the past thousand years and how it affected our planet.

Climate Change Altering Plant and Animal Reproduction - October 30, 2014

Female frogs influence the growth and the development of their offspring especially when there are delays of reproduction to help them survive in a changing climate condition.

New Instrument to Measure Greenhouse Gases - October 29, 2014

The new instrument will provide an accurate data about the composition of the atmosphere and will record wider range of gases which could support climate models for greenhouse gases monitoring.

Penguin Chicks Weight Connected to Weather Conditions - October 28, 2014

Weather and climate affect the weights of the penguin chicks which gives scientists an idea how species are connected to the environment and how changing climate affects the species’ future.

Ocean Circulation Patterns Caused Past Climate Change - October 28, 2014

The shift in ocean circulation could be as important to climate change and believed to be the one responsible for the past climate change.

Stricter Fisheries Management to Counteract Climate Change - October 27, 2014

A stricter fisheries management would help in lessening the harmful effects of climate fish and increase fish production.

Antarctic Sea Ice Increasing - October 24, 2014

Scientists are trying to find out that despite of the warming climate Antarctic sea ice has been increasing which is not expected in terms of warning.

Wind Could Provide 20 Percent Energy Demand By 2030 - October 24, 2014

More countries are now installing wind power to compensate the demand of electricity which helps in cutting down CO2 emissions and reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Healthy Algal Blooms Lessen Global Warming - October 23, 2014

A new study found that virus-infected algal blooms can affect global carbon cycles which means more carbon will be released to the atmosphere when they die.

Karakoram Glacier Anomaly- A Cold Case of Climate Science - October 23, 2014

Climates scientists will continue their study about the Karakoram glaciers and how it would change and its contribution of freshwater in the future.

Global Consumption Equals Global Deforestation - October 23, 2014

Rising production of agricultural and wood products leads to the expansion of forest and now, people are urging suppliers to be environmentally accountable with their production.

Decline in Size: Animals Affected by Climate Change - October 22, 2014

Researchers found that animals decline in size astonishingly over the past years due to warming climate which can be a good indicator to foresee a possible worse impact in the near future.

1934 Drought: More or Less Likely Happens in the Future - October 21, 2014

The drought of 1934 enabled the scientists to understand the current events that are happening and would be happening due to climate change.

U.S. Methane ‘Hot Spot’ Discovered and its Bigger than Expected - October 20, 2014

Greater methane emissions come from during the natural gas production and processing and government announced a strategy to mitigate it under Climate Action Plan.

Warming Climate Affects Winter Birds - October 20, 2014

More winter bird species are slowing adapting the warmer world and affects ecosystems and modifies the compositions of the birds.

Birds and Climate Change - October 20, 2014

Researchers find that climate change affects the behavior of species so as to adapt in the changing environment which will help in strengthening modern conservation efforts.

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