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New Mexico Climate Awareness Gets Grant - June 29, 2013

With interest in climate change heating up, a New Mexico group has won a $3,000 American Chemical Society Presidential Climate Science Challenge Grant to help educate the public on climate science issues.

Aussie Atmosphere Altered by Climate Change - June 29, 2013

Like most every other part of the planet, the atmosphere above Australia is being radically altered by human activity.

Climate Change Threatens Forest Survival - June 29, 2013

Trees in many areas are already vanishing at an alarming rate due to climate change.

Major Changes Needed for Coral Reef Survival - June 29, 2013

To prevent coral reefs around the world from dying off, deep cuts in carbon dioxide emissions are required.

Climate Change Dramatically Reduces Atlantic Zooplankton - June 23, 2013

Changing ocean water temperatures and circulation patterns have profoundly affected key Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf zooplankton species and may be influencing the recovery of Atlantic cod and other fish in the region.

Climate Change to Shrink Bison & Cattle? - June 23, 2013

As temperatures go up, bison get smaller.

Canada’s Oil Industry Gets a Message From God - June 22, 2013

Flooding of biblical proportions has forced the evacuation of most of Canada's oil capital Calgary and and killed at least 3 people. Yet, no one seems to be getting the bigger message.

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