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13 Results for December 2011

Wood Stoves to be Cracked Down? - December 30, 2011

Residential wood stoves are big source of winter air pollution in some parts of US .

Water is Rising: The Cry of the Pacific Islands’ Natives - December 30, 2011

Climate changes in three Pacific nations call for action by performing arts.

Citing 36 Predictions for 2012 - December 27, 2011

A collection of educated guesses for 2010-2012 by the Health Ranger Mike Adams.

Researchers Assess Effects of a World Awash in Nitrogen - December 20, 2011

Over-abundance of nitrogen in our planet is but another challenge we are facing today.

Embalmers Cope with Accumulated Rotting Bodies After Typhoon Hits Philippines - December 18, 2011

Rotting bodies accumulate in the funeral parlors after typhoon swept Southern Philippines.

Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice Is Releasing Huge Fountains of Methane - December 14, 2011

Is It Too Late? Russian research team astonished after finding 'fountains' of methane bubbling to surface.

Heavy Pollution From China and India Affects Your Local Weather - December 14, 2011

Large factories and power plants emit immense quantities of pollution -- much of it soot and sulfate aerosols -- into the atmosphere, which is carried by the prevailing winds over the Pacific Ocean and eventually worldwide.

Malnutrition Strikes Sahel Children - December 13, 2011

More than a million children in Sahel are in danger of worse malnutrition due to poor rains and harvest.

Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons - December 9, 2011

New research finds that global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have increased by 49 percent in the last two decades.

Chile Glacier Retreats 1 Km After Only A Year - December 8, 2011

Time-lapse photos show the fastest retreating glacier in Chile.

Three-quarters of Climate Change is Man-made - December 5, 2011

Independent study quantifies human influence on global warming.

Washington State Scrambles to Fight Massive Tree Die-offs - December 1, 2011

So many pine, fir and spruce trees in the Northwest are riddled with bugs and disease that major tree die-offs are expected to rip through a third of Eastern Washington forests.

Study: Thawing Permafrost will Worsen Global Warming - December 1, 2011

Massive amounts of greenhouse gases trapped below thawing permafrost will likely seep into the air over the next several decades, accelerating and amplifying global warming, scientists warn.

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