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Study: Cutting Carbon Emissions Lead More People Going Hungry - June 16, 2015

The researchers suggest that government should take some measures to address possible risk of hunger as they continue to address climate change.

Bio-based Aviation Fuel to Mitigate Climate Change - June 16, 2015

Drop-in biofuels are the only possible alternative to conventional jet fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Changing Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Shaped Global Climate - June 16, 2015

The variations in the oxygen amount shape the course of life on Earth and made life forms possible to survive in the planet.

Marine Diatoms Do Less Work as CO2 Increases - June 16, 2015

Diatoms decrease photosynthesis and respiration to save energy as they grow at the same rate and only if there are no other limitations.

Warmer Water Temperatures Lead Habitats Shift Away From Equator - June 15, 2015

Climate warming makes ocean hold less oxygen stressing marine species to look for places which are well-oxygenated still.

Raised Levels of Carbon Dioxide Impact Plant Growth and Nitrogen Absorption - June 14, 2015

Crops reduce nitrogen content and protein as CO2 levels increase rapidly in the atmosphere.

North American Scientists Unite Against Tar Sands - June 12, 2015

Scientists speak-out about the significance of resolving issues on oil sands resource and encourage the international public to start this global standpoint.

New Tools Provide Accurate Storm Prediction, Aid Ship Navigation - June 11, 2015

The new tool helps in protecting lives, commerce and the nation's energy supply.

Soil Cultivation Results to Carbon Loss - June 11, 2015

Land management practices have a large influence on the magnitude of soil carbon loss which needs thorough understanding on the practices to retain the carbon.

Cli-Fi Film from Philippines Packs a Punch - June 11, 2015

A Filipino film director creates a movie reminding people, not only about the tragedy that greatly affected the Philippines, but also to give full awareness on how to be prepared and recover from any unexpected environmental disaster.

Global Warming Will Have Minor Effect on Boreal Peatlands - June 11, 2015

Exposure to oxygen is much more important factor in releasing vast amount of CO2 from peatlands than the rising global temperatures.

Invasive Species Enable Corals Survive Global Warming,Threat Biodiversity - June 11, 2015

S. trenchii improve the resilience of corals but it may affect ecosystem stability and function.

Experiments to Improve Climate Models - June 9, 2015

There is a need to evaluate our understanding of model representation of forest ecosystem in response to future climates.

More Destructive Storms, Increase Flash Flood Risks - June 9, 2015

Local councils must redesign sewage and road infrastructure, and update guidelines where to build homes safely to avoid the destructive forces of flash floods.

Seasonal Swings of Glaciers - June 9, 2015

Researchers must focus more on the anomalous years of very low sea ice or very high melt and its impact on sea levels.

Ocean Warming and Oxygen Loss Bringing Great Risk to Marine Life - June 8, 2015

Species will migrate to cooler waters to satisfy their oxygen and energetic requirements disrupting ecosystems and dispacing native habitats.

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