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Sustainable Rainwater Initiatives in Africa - November 27, 2011

These water-saving initiatives are helping to improve food security and livelihoods in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Chemtrails - November 27, 2011

New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air over the county...

Innovation to Beat the Heat Avoiding Post-Harvest Waste - November 26, 2011

Innovation that reduce crop waste from heat after an abundance of harvest.

Climate Change Raises Ground-Level Ozone - November 26, 2011

Report demonstrates how climate change could increase "bad" ozone, threatening health and economy.

Cuba Joins New South-South Climate Alliances - November 25, 2011

Cuba will be joining other southern nations to apply pressure to northern polluters to reduce their contribution to climate change.

The Role of the Ocean in Medicine - November 24, 2011

The ocean contains compounds showing pharmacological activities and are helpful for the invention and discovery of bioactive compounds, primarily for deadly diseases.

A Time Bomb Under the Northern Seas - November 21, 2011

The seas around Europe are threatened by a new source of pollution.

Traditional Wood-Burning Stoves on the Rise - November 20, 2011

More U.S. homes are being heated with wood stoves.

Prepare for More Weird Weather - November 19, 2011

Climate change can be a bitch and the weird weather of recent years will only get worse, much, much worse.

Will Earth Soon Become Uninhabitable? - November 19, 2011

Stephen Hawking suggests that humans spread out into space to survive their destruction of Earth. But, the human disease is best contained on one planet and should not spread to other worlds.

Keystone XL Delaying Tactics - November 17, 2011

It is officially announced that the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline is delayed.

Can We Survive with 7 Billion Population? - November 17, 2011

Some people think that daily global population growth of 227,000 people is a wonderful thing. But many do not.

How Many People Have Lived on Earth? - November 17, 2011

Quick Answer: 108

Fukushima Radiation Hot Spot Map Released - November 15, 2011

Independent studies plot fallout from Japanese nuclear disaster.

Locals ‘Can Play Key Role in Helping Forests Recover’ - November 14, 2011

Involving local groups has been a key factor in halting the loss of forest cover in the Asia-Pacific region, a UN study has concluded.

Canada Kills Essential Environmental Programs - November 13, 2011

Canada is going on a spending spree to prepare for needless war while turning its back on the environment.

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