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Arctic Ice Melt is ‘Decades Ahead’ of Previous Models - October 8, 2012

The models have typically predicted that will not happen for decades but the measurements that are coming in tell us it is already happening so once again we are decades ahead of schedule."

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People - October 4, 2012

Geo-engineers are considering projects on an enormous scale that might one day be used to manipulate levels of atmospheric aerosols and influence cloud formation in order to cool our planet.

High-Arctic Heat Tops 1,800-Year High - October 2, 2012

Researchers produced the 1,800 year climate record by analyzing levels of unsaturated fats in algae buried in the sediments of Kongressvatnet lake, in western Svalbard.

Fish Getting Smaller as the Oceans Warm - October 1, 2012

The researchers used computer modeling to study more than 600 species of fish from oceans around the world and found that the maximum body weight they can reach could decline by 14-20 per cent between years 2000 and 2050, with the tropics being one of the most impacted regions.

Climate Change Could Cripple Southwestern U.S. Forests - October 1, 2012

Trees Face Rising Drought Stress and Mortality as Climate Warms.

Climate Change Is Already Damaging Global Economy - September 28, 2012

Economic impact of global warming is costing the world more than $1.2 trillion a year, wiping 1.6% annually from global GDP.

Loss of Species Makes Nature More Sensitive to Climate Change - September 27, 2012

When we wipe out the most sensitive species, human beings reduce the resilience of ecosystems to climate change.

Climate Is Changing the Great Barrier Reef - September 25, 2012

Risk of coral bleaching increases with higher water temperatures.

Scientists Predict Major Shifts in Pacific Ecosystems by 2100 - September 24, 2012

The researchers conclude that some critical ocean habitats could undergo significant changes in location, moving more than 600 miles from where they are now.

North Atlantic ‘Achilles Heel’ Lets Upper Atmosphere Affect the Abyss - September 24, 2012

The study suggests there is a significant stratospheric impact on the ocean.

‘Planetary Emergency’ Due To Arctic Melt, Experts Warn - September 24, 2012

Experts warned of a "planetary emergency" due to the unforeseen global consequences of Arctic ice melt, including methane gas released from permafrost regions currently under ice.

Organic Food Can Save The World From Devastating Climate Change - September 18, 2012

It saves 40 percent of water used in conventional farming and uses non-conventional energy sources.

Climate Change Becomes a Business Reality - September 18, 2012

Climate change has moved from the realm of abstract debate to a business reality in much of the world.

Arctic Ice Disappearance Should be ‘Wake-Up Call’ - September 17, 2012

The ice covering the search area for the two lost ships of Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition suddenly disappeared more than three weeks ago, eliminating any ice-related issues that might have hampered technologies deployed in the search.

Arctic Sea Ice Melt May Trigger Extreme European Winter - September 17, 2012

The unprecedented loss of polar sea ice may lead to 'wild extremes' in the UK and northern Europe, say researchers

Most Coral Reefs Are at Risk Unless Climate Change Is Drastically Limited - September 17, 2012

This study is the first comprehensive global survey of coral bleaching to express results in terms of global mean temperature change.

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