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Global Warming: Not Slowing Down - June 8, 2015

The rate of warming increases since the last half of 20th century and not plateaued as thought.

Iceberg Influx Into Atlantic During Ice Age Increased Methane Production - June 8, 2015

The cold water influx created a huge impact on climate not only regionally but all over the planet.

Corals Swap ‘Algae’ Partners to Recover from Coral Bleaching - June 5, 2015

Corals change their symbiont partners due to environmental changes and increase its thermal tolerance.

Ancient El Niños Surged Baja Bunny Reproduction - June 5, 2015

The study will help scientist understand how mammal will adapt to climate change.

Protein in Diatoms Help Survive Climate Change - June 4, 2015

The proteins help phytoplankton cope climate change through taking up large amounts of CO2 and generate oxygen in iron-limited regions of the ocean.

Greenhouse Gases Heating More Than Expected - June 4, 2015

Carbon dioxide is released by one instance of burning and more CO2 will be accumulated at the atmosphere as the power plant continue to burn fuel.

Few People Change Their Opinions About Global Warming, GMOs Even With New Info - June 2, 2015

People are encouraged to be flexible with their beliefs and to rely more in scientific information than in baseless facts.

UCS Evaluates How U.S., E.U. and Mexico Address Land Use Emissions - June 2, 2015

Mexico clearly commit to comply to their INDCs and made some specific plans to reduce global warming emission while US and E.U. fall short to their promise.

New Climate Stress Index Model Provides More Positive Future for Coral Reefs - June 2, 2015

Some coral reefs survive and some do not which means there is a need to seek out those locations who are survivors of climate change and reduce the stressors.

Three Quarters of the World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Covered by National Targets - June 2, 2015

Researchers are hopeful that greenhouse emissions will be reduced as umber of climate laws and policies across the world has doubled

Arctic Global Cooling Break in the Warmest Period of Earth’s History - June 1, 2015

The opening of the Atlantic causes great changes to oceanic circulation and marine productivity resulting to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere and created global cooling.

Global Climate Changing to New Set of Climatic Conditions - June 1, 2015

AMO is moving to a negative phase which means less heat will be carried northwards towards Europe from the tropics.

Savannahs Help Mitigate Climate Change - June 1, 2015

Semi-arid lands like savannahs played a key role in sequestering one-third of all CO2 emissions which brings out the importance of protecting the landscapes.

‘Echo Chambers’ Block Progress on Climate Change - June 1, 2015

Echo chambers may be mistakenly perceived by individuals as the dominant perspective which could influence policies despite scientific evidences.

Surprise Increase of Ice loss in Antarctica Observed - June 1, 2015

The thinning of ice shelf and the subsurface melting of the glaciers must have passed a critical threshold which triggered the sudden ice loss.

Glaciers: Very Sensitive to Future Warming - May 28, 2015

The increase of temperature will not only increase the melting of snow and ice but also change the precipitation from snow to rain leading to more reduce glacier growth.

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