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Rift in Antarctic Glacier to Create Gigantic Iceberg - November 7, 2011

A MASSIVE crack is growing wider in the Antarctic ice sheet and could break apart in coming months, forming a gigantic iceberg, warn NASA scientists.

Huge Crack Discovered in Antarctic Glacier - November 2, 2011

A huge crack has been discovered in Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, one of the biggest uncertainties in determining global sea level rise, by NASA's Operation IceBridge, which monitors changes in Antarctic ice.

Rich Diversity of Life in Unpolluted Soils - October 31, 2011

Soil that hasn't been polluted hosts an amazing diversity of life and it is vital that humans turn their attention to the underground to better understand life above ground.

Global Warming Skeptic Finds He Now Agrees It Is Real - October 30, 2011

Prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming Richard Muller concludes that there is no reason now to be a skeptic about steadily increasing temperatures.

U.S. Winter May Be Coldest in Decade - October 25, 2011

The coming U.S. winter may be the coldest in more than 10 years, Commodity Weather Group LLC said in its seasonal forecast.

New Study Says Global Warming Is Real - October 21, 2011

An independent study of global temperature records has reaffirmed previous conclusions by climate scientists that global warming is real.

Arctic Will Become ‘More Of A Mediterranean Than A Frozen Border’ - October 21, 2011

The Arctic was once out of reach to anyone but intrepid explorers. Today it's a natural resource battle ground.

7 Billion Humans and Growing… - October 19, 2011

With 7 billion on earth, a huge task before us.

Illegal Fishing Threatens to Drive Eastern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Extinct - October 19, 2011

An analysis of eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna trade data released today shows that harvests of the imperiled tuna are more than double the legal amount.

Sea Levels to Continue to Rise for 500 Years? - October 19, 2011

Long-Term Climate Calculations Suggest So.

Antarctic Ozone Hole 5th Largest on Record - October 17, 2011

The ozone hole above the Antarctic has reached its maximum extent for the year, revealing a gouge in the protective atmospheric layer that rivals the size of North America, scientists have announced.

Plants Take in More CO2 than Thought, Study Finds - October 17, 2011

Scientists might be able to predict climate change with more accuracy after discovering that plants consume carbon dioxide 25 percent faster than previously thought.

Human Crisis Linked to Climate Change, Study Suggests - October 12, 2011

Historically, changes in climate have not only been tied to increased food prices, but also economic crises, social upset and wars, new research suggests.

Raining Meteorites May Have Led to Earth’s Primordial Life - October 12, 2011

Huge meteorites may not deserve the bad rap they've gotten as life-ending agents of destruction, scientists say. In fact, cataclysmic collisions in space may have set the stage for the rise of life on Earth, scientists say.

Surviving with Expensive Food - October 11, 2011

What’s behind the shocking rise in global food prices and what can be done about it.

Forest is Their Life, Our Life - October 11, 2011

Indigenous people in the Philippines are at risk of losing their home and their life while some rich people take their ancestral domain, the forest. It is the law of nature that what might happen to them, we share the same loss.

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